Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Food companies beware: activists pitching state attorneys general on “mislabeling” litigation (something The Legal Pulse warned about in March) (State AG Monitor)
  • Does the oral argument in Mississippi ex rel Hunt v. AU Optronics indicate how the Supreme Court will rule? (Class Defense)
  • CPSC’s attempt to create a non-criminal “responsible corporate officer doctrine” in Buckyballs case addressed in “the paper of record” (thanks for citing WLF’s paper on the issue, by the way) (New York Times)
  • New York court refuses to hold branded drug maker’s liable for alleged harm done by a generic copy (Drug and Device Law)
  • Ex-chief of DOJ’s Environmental Crimes Section blasts former employer for its increased use of deferred and non-prosecution agreements (FCPA Professor)
  • President turns up the heat (pun intended) on federal climate change oversight with Executive Order (Federal Regulations Advisor)
  • Through a statement “respecting denial of certiorari” in a case involving a questionable cy pres award, Chief Justice Roberts signals his expectation that the issue will be before the justices again (Overlawyered)
  • In 1997, Staples + Office Depot = FTC rejection; in 2013, Office Depot + OfficeMax = FTC approval. What factors made a difference? (Upward Pricing Pressure)

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