Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Iconic Fig Newtons (now just known as “Newtons”) contain fruit puree, and Food Court judge rules consumers should reasonably know that (Class Defense)
  • False Claims Act suit ruling offers window into the ugly side of whistleblower litigation (Drug & Device Law)
  • Anti-corruption activist groups tout only numbers, not outcomes, from government foreign corrupt practices enforcement (FCPA Professor)
  • Is Bloomburg Business Week correct that class action litigation is fading away? (Overlawyered)
  • FTC Commissioner Wright troubled by Commission’s tendency to regulate by consent decree, especially in merger review (Truth on the Market)
  • Justice Kennedy tells his clerks to read blog posts about the Court’s grants of certioriari (WSJ Law Blog)
  • 11th Circuit rejects trial judge’s exclusion of EPA junk science from New Source Review challenge (Law and the Environment)
  • Fresh off its surprising decision in Butler v. Sears class case, 7th Circuit again overturns lower court’s denial of class certification (Impact Litigation Journal)
  • Five issues that OSHA will target during fourth quarter of 2013 (OSHA Law Update)

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