Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Lawyer in middle of debate in Kansas over changed judicial selection procedure voted out of State Senate committee for full Senate consideration (Topeka Capital-Journal)
  • Judge issues preliminary injunction against company streaming copyrighted TV content online (Blog of Legal Times)
  • California appeals court dramatically reduces punitive damage award (Part I, Part II, from California Punitive Damages)
  • Can plaintiffs’ lawyers enforce a copyright on their class action complaints? (Class Action Countermeasures)
  • Plaintiff can proceed with class action vs. Apple alleging iPhone maker is responsible for alleged privacy invasions from apps (Class Defense)
  • More on Monster Beverage’s preemptive strike against San Francisco’s regulatory efforts (our update post here) (Device & Drug Law)
  • Seventh Circuit upbraids False Claims Act relator for litigation generation tactics (Original Source)
  • Marking the passing of an economist who had a huge influence on law and business, Ronald Coase (Overlawyered)
  • A non-Food Court (i.e. Northern District of California) federal judge throws out numerous claims in suit vs. Frito-Lay but refuses to wait for FDA on “all natural” (Private Surgeon General)
  • Scholarly study on Clean Air Act undercuts some of claims made by environmental justice radicals (RegBlog)
  • Leading academic has wayward views on the First Amendment and technology (post authored by former WLF fellow) (Truth on the Market)

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