Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Will Apple v. Samsung be the last battle in the “smartphone patent wars” the Federal Circuit hears? (AmLaw Litigation Journal)
  • Oregon case gives rise to whether state courts can impose punitive damages for overseas conduct (California Punitive Damages)
  • The deformation of civil procedure?: Legal academic legend shows his pro-plaintiff stripes (Class Action Countermeasures; see also 2012 WLF paper)
  • Preemptive “say on pay” lawsuits filed prior to public company annual meetings continue to fail (D&O Diary)
  • Government brief in qui tam case advocates position that False Claims Act relators cannot rely upon violations of Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA Law Blog)
  • Nationwide status for class actions rejected in the Food Court (Private Surgeon General)
  • Appeals court upholds Rule 11 sanctions for bogus “medical monitoring” claim (Product Liability Monitor)
  • After initiating broad conversation with his proposal on FTC’s “unfairness” jurisdiction (see this Legal Pulse post), FTC Commissioner Wright evaluates blog’s online symposium (Truth on the Market)
  • OSHA delves back into ergonomic concerns in the workplace with “awareness campaign” in healthcare industries (OSHA Law Update)

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