Selected WLF Blog Commentaries to Appear on Coca-Cola “Unbottled” Blog

Coca-Cola_logo.svgBeginning with a May 10 cross-posting of a March 18 Legal Pulse post, Desperate to Foment New Regulations & Lawsuits, Activists Ratchet Up “Food Addiction” Campaign, the Coca-Cola Company will be publishing occasional Washington Legal Foundation blog posts at is “Unbottled” blog. According to the company, “Coca-Cola Unbottled looks beyond what’s in the bottle, featuring globally important and topical community and behind-the-scenes Company stories that spark conversations.”

Placement of some of its commentaries in Coca-Cola Unbottled will help WLF draw increased attention to its public interest law education and advocacy efforts which we pursue under the rubric of our Eating Away Our Freedoms project. Through a dedicated website and WLF’s existing publishing, litigation, and communications tools, Eating Away Our Freedoms provides timely information and insightful analysis that both elevates and balances the debate over Americans’ freedom to choose.

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