Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • In light of Comcast v. Behrend decision, Supreme Court remands two high-profile class actions to lower courts (On the Case)
  • That mandatory parking fee you pay along with your concert ticket doesn’t constitute violate antitrust ruling against “tying,” says one federal judge (Antitrust Today)
  • Is there a lesson for defense-side lawyers in the Kentucky Bar Association’s action against famed plaintiffs’ lawyer Stanley Chesley? (Class Action Countermeasures)
  • New developments in lawsuits aimed at shutting down public company annual meetings through “say-on-pay” class action suits (D&O Diary)
  • Another food labeling class action (partially) allowed to move forward in California (Drug and Device Law Blog)
  • HHS issues new guidelines for states who want financial benefit from adopting their own false claims laws (Original Source)
  • A great and timely April Fool’s Day headline from The Onion: Mississippi Bans Soft Drinks Smaller than 20 Ounces (The Onion via Overlawyered)
  • The SEC issues a decision impacting its regulation of the release of public company information through Facebook and other social media (SEC Actions)

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