Big Gulping Sigh of Relief Courtesy of a New York City Judge

statue-crownAt the end of our post about New York City’s much lampooned ban on certain sugary drink delivery devices (based on size), NYC Department of Health Supersizes Government, Approves Sugary Beverage Ban, we proclaimed “Let the legal challenges begin.”

Of course, they were filed soon after the ban was approved. This afternoon, on the eve of the ban going into effect, a Supreme Court of New York judge held that the super-sized loopholes and exceptions in the health ordinance rendered it entirely arbitrary and capricious.

The ruling, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, is here. The judge has enjoined the city from enforcing the ordinance. We look forward to closely reading the opinion and relating further thoughts here soon. Now that New York City residents don’t need to have both hands full with two 16 ounce drinks, they can hold their one 32 ounce drink in one hand and use their free hand to read the opinion as well.

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