Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • A breath of fresh air from California: A class of a substantial number of uninjured plaintiffs cannot be certified, says federal judge (Class Defense)
  • In advance of argument in FTC v. Watson, FTC spins its data to show “increase” in “pay for delay” drug patent litigation settlements (FDA Law Blog)
  • In advance of argument in Bowman v. Monstanto, U.S. House member seeks to impose compulsory license on genetically engineered seed patents (Patent Docs)
  • Class action alleging misleading “natural” labeling on orange juice dismissed for lack of standing (Mass Tort Defense)
  • EPA drops “chicken droppings are pollution” suit against West Virginia farmer (Daily Caller via Overlawyered)
  • From the “here we go again” department: New Mexico and Washington pursue mandatory “GM food” labeling (Private Surgeon General Class Action Defender)
  • What to expect from OSHA in 2013 (OSHA Law Update)

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