Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Be careful what you confess to the SEC, say several former SEC enforcement officials (On the Case)
  • Tort reformers take aim at “merger tax” imposed by securities class action lawyers (D&O Diary)
  • How does a Supreme Court case on FCC and indecency affect FDA-regulated entities? Read on . .  (Drug & Device Law)
  • “The strongest deterrent against corporate wrongdoing is the prospect of prison time,” so says DOJ-Criminal Division head (and former WLF author) Lanny Breuer (FCPA Professor)
  • Coming to America?: Italian high court permits cellphone causes cancer lawsuit to proceed (Product Liability Monitor)
  • New York likely to continue ceding jobs, economic growth to Pennsylvania, other states by continuing ban on hydraulic fracturing (RegBlog)
  • Has there really been a software “patent litigation explosion”? (Truth on the Market)
  • DOJ-Antitrust reportedly investigating tech company “abuse” of standards-essential patents (Foss Patents)

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