Update: San Francisco Seeks Rehearing of 9th Circuit Loss on Cellphone Warnings

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To find out what it means to the City by the Bay, read the request for rehearing en banc City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed October 19 with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The request seeks a full-circuit reconsideration of a Ninth Circuit panel’s September 10 per curiam, unpublished, three-page ruling on the city’s cell phone warning ordinance. As we noted in a previous Legal Pulse post, the panel reversed the District Court and held that a law requiring retailers to inform customers that cell phones may cause cancer violated retailers’ First Amendment rights.

San Francisco urged the Ninth Circuit to

order rehearing en banc to give this important constitutional issue the treatment it deserves, to give San Francisco’s democratically elected policymakers the respect they deserve, and to provide jurisdictions in the circuit with the guidance they deserve.” (our emphasis)

The same city which two years ago banned Happy Meals feels righteous about their progressive, precautionary cell phone warning. The Board of Supervisors jumped ahead of California and the federal government, neither of which has felt the need to warn consumers about the alleged risks. The World Health Organization had classified RF Energy—which cell phones emit—as a “possible carcinogen,” and that was good enough for San Francisco. So of course the city felt dissed by the appeals court’s cursory dismissal. Continue reading “Update: San Francisco Seeks Rehearing of 9th Circuit Loss on Cellphone Warnings”