Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Trade groups file suit against SEC foreign resource extraction disclosure rule (see our post on the legal issues here) (Bloomberg)
  • Branded drug company preemptively sues generic over availability of its product for bioequivalence testing (see our blog post on issue here) (FDA Law Blog)
  • “First sale” doctrine under federal copyright law at issue in October 29 SCOTUS oral argument (Copyhype)
  • In today’s litigious environment, corporate data security means a lot more than just having inventive passwords (Corruption, Crime & Compliance)
  • California law expands whistleblowers use of state’s false claims law (Original Source)
  • En Banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to take on issue of software patentability (Patently-O)
  • Before the smartphone patent wars, there was the  . . . . sewing machine patent wars? (Truth on the Market)
  • California Supreme Court grants review to key class action arbitration waiver case, Iskanian (see our past post and paper on the case)
  • Things assured: Death, taxes, and FTC saying it will watch gas price spikes “with vigilance” (The Hill E2 Wire)

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