Mandated “GMO Food” Disclosure: Labeling for Thee but Not for Me

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In our post last week on California’s Proposition 37, Shoddy Drafting or Part of the Plan?: The “Natural” Problem in California’s Biotech Food Labeling Initiative, we stated that, “Part of this ballot initiative would require all raw and processed foods whose production was impacted in any way by biotechnology to be labeled as such.”

As an astute Legal Pulse post reader pointed out to us, that statement gives the drafters of the initiative far more credit than they deserve.  As we’ll explain here, rather than impacting all biotech foods, Proposition 37 exempts quite a significant number of these food products from the labeling requirement. Those exemptions are so broad that they substantially undercut the initiative’s supposed goals and also call into question the motivations of some Prop 37 supporters.

Organic foods. Proposed Prop 37 exempts from labeling food that has been certified as “organic” under federal standards. Pretty obvious exemption, right, since organic = zero contact with genetic engineering? Not necessarily. Continue reading “Mandated “GMO Food” Disclosure: Labeling for Thee but Not for Me”