Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • SEC “Conflict minerals” rule goes into effect, will cost affected businesses billions (Corporate Counsel; Professor Bainbridge)
  • Is there more to the “FDA spygate” story, and the motivations of those that were being monitored, than meets the eye? (
  • Judges continue to give appropriate back-of-the-hand treatment to NLRB’s disrespect of Supreme Court precedent on class action arbitration waivers (On the Case)
  • Challenge to Justice Department’s interpretation of “foreign official” in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement goes before appeals court (FCPA Professor)
  • Authority arises from decision by U.S. District Court Judge (and former WLF paper author) Michael Baylson for class action defendants to seek help from plaintiffs on discovery costs (Mass Tort Defense)
  • Court takes rare step of dismissing a government-filed False Claims Act suit for failure to plead fraud with particularity (Original Source)
  • 9th Circuit stiff-arms activists’ efforts to halt domestic energy development through creative interpretations of environmental laws (Environmental Appeals Court)

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