Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • As alluded to by our Rich Samp, SCOTUS’s Stolen Valor ruling could be useful in challenging off-label drug speech restrictions (Drug & Device Law Blog)
  • New proposal would criminalize false statements made by government contractors; isn’t that already illegal under the False Claims Act? (The Foundry)
  • Time for Supreme Court to reconsider doctrine of respondeat superior in business criminal cases (Corruption, Crime & Compliance)
  • Federal Circuit reaffirms patent trolls’ access to U.S. International Trade Commission exclusion orders (Patently-O)
  • Chicago’s two most influential Richards, Posner and Epstein, debate the U.S. patent system (Truth on the Market)
  • Can a company’s voluntary refund program defeat or avoid class action lawsuits? (ClassActionBlawg)
  • Federal judge skeptical of proposed settlement of Facebook “Sponsored Stories” class action (Threat Level)
  • Judicial nullification of legislative tort reform in Missouri (New England Cable News)