Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Supreme Court sends message to Federal Circuit with case remand (Alison Frankel’s On the Case) (Patenly-O)
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lets loose new rules on entities that do no banking (Blog of Legal Times)
  • The problems of bringing class actions alleging online privacy violations (Class Action Countermeasures)
  • Is taking on a federal agency an effective way to sell pomegranate juice? Guess we’ll find out (CBS News)
  • Facebook goes public, the imminent securities fraud class actions ensue immediately (D&O Diary)
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court issues stunning unanimous verdict against plainiffs (lawyers) in asbestos case on junk science grounds (Drug & Device Law)
  • Senate tacks on tons of amendments to FDA Safety and Innovation Act prior to final passage (FDA Law Blog)
  • Consumer Product Safety Commissioner speaks out against her Commission’s use of the Precautionary Principle when regulating (RegBlog)
  • Europe, U.S. natural gas producers (and exporters) thank you for your countries’ hydraulic fracturing bans (Bloomberg)

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