Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Cameras finally coming to the US Supreme Court? (Blog of Legal Times)
  • Odd procedural argument won’t stop Justices from ruling on constitutionality of Affordable Care Act (Cato @ Liberty)
  • Does the current FCPA enforcement climate make it more or less likely that companies will self-report violations? (Corruption, Crime & Compliance)
  • Pennsylvania adopts clear regulatory standards that encourage natural gas exploration (The American Interest)
  • FDA (finally) lays out guidelines on how it will determine biosimilarity when reviewing “generic” versions of biotech drugs (FDA Law Blog)
  • Noodle on this: European governments support business defendants in SCOTUS Alien Tort Statute case, while U.S. government supports plaintiffs (Lawfare)
  • Patent troll sues over claim that he owns the Internet, and he might win (Wired’s Threat Level)

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