Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Judge Posner-led panel affirms dismissal of consumer fraud class action vs. General Mills (Consumer Class Actions and Mass Torts; Product Liability Monitor)
  • Supreme Court grants certiorari in Alien Tort Statute case from Second Circuit (Drug and Device Law)
  • Are the feds now pursuing drug companies for discussion of on-label marketing? (FDA Law Blog)
  • GAO discovers the obvious: secrecy, opportunities for fraud in asbestos litigation trusts (Judicial Hellholes)
  • Prominent defense lawyer sees litigation peril for food, beverage companies in federally-coerced child-directed advertising principles (Mass Tort Defense)
  • What to do when Occupy Wall Street “movement” gives rise to Occupy (your company name) Annual Meeting ( via Professor Bainbridge)
  • Are there Fifth Amendment limits when SEC actions disgorge “ill-gotten gains” from public companies? One judge thinks so. (SEC Actions)
  • As SEC ponders final “conflict mineral” disclosure rules (more on that here), California rushes in with its own conflict mineral-related law (Consumer Advertising Law Blog)

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