Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Sign of things to come in U.S.?: English drug cost cop denies government coverage of Lupus drug (Drug Wonks)
  • Much talk from SEC Chairman in reply to U.S. Senator’s question on foreign corruption enforcement, but will it lead to action? (FCPA Professor)
  • FTC false advertising settlement with Reebok contains guidance nuggets for other advertisers (FDA Law Blog)
  • Calls increase for releasing legal rationale behind drone attack on al-Qaeda’s Anwar al-Awlaki (Lawfare)
  • Federal Judicial Center issues revised guide on courts and scientific testimony (Mass Torts Defense)
  • Pointless Occupy Wall Street “movement” misses the point: the ever-present influence of government, not corporations, is core of American economic malaise (Professor Bainbridge)
  • Too much, not too little, regulation of genetically-enhanced food products is bad for consumers (Truth on the Market)
  • Cracks in the monopoly?: Online self-help legal site takes on state bar association with lawsuit over unauthorized practice of law (WSJ Law Blog)
  • Department of Interior poised to join the natural gas fracking regulatory party with regulatory proposal (The Hill E-2 Wire)

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