Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Who’s to blame for America’s shortage of drugs? It’s a three-letter word (acronym, actually) (Drug Wonks)
  • Four reasons why the Eastern District of Texas federal courts are a patent plaintiff’s best friend (Point of Law)
  • Why U.S. Senators can get away with releasing confidential information, and others laws Congress can flout (Professor Bainbridge)
  • Has the time come to deregulate one of America’s longest running monopolies: the legal profession? (Truth on the Market)
  • Truckers and farmers inveigh against offshore domestic energy exploration and production (The Hill’s E2 Wire)
  • What precedent has government set for other advertisers and third-party “promoters” of pharmaceutical products in $500 million Google settlement? (FDA Law Blog)
  • From the tops of the Ivory Tower, Harvard professor says only government can make us lose weight (Daily Caller)
  • From the “this is not a joke” department: Michigan bar owners,’ responding in kind to smoking ban, vote to ban legislators from their establishments (Detroit News)
  • Online car sales company plays hardball with patent troll (Groklaw)
  • Portland, Maine using federal funds for ads that demonize consumers’ drink choices (American Beverage Ass’n Blog)

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