SEC: Securities and ENVIRONMENT Commission?

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Regulators regulate. It’s a simple concept, but one which seems to escape even the highest of government officials. Some in the Obama Administration must be disappointed by the lukewarm reception business leaders and the public have given to recent regulatory red-tape cutting efforts. But when you read stories like “SEC Bears Down on Fracking“, which appeared in this morning’s Wall Street Journal (online subscription required), you cannot be surprised that serious doubts exist over the federal government’s wherewithal to rationalize regulation.

It must have been hard for securities regulators to see their counterparts at the EPA, the Department of Energy, and the Army Corps of Engineers, not to mention state, county, and city regulatory entities, getting a piece of the action on hydraulic fracturing, aka, “fracking.” Pursuit of reportedly 110 years’ worth of natural gas trapped in rock formations like the New York-to-Kentucky Marcellus Shale is now possible with new technology. Regulators are, as always, struggling to keep up with this new technology. Job-creating companies, aware that regulation is inevitable and, if done right, can lend credibility to their natural gas extraction, are working with many officials to craft disclosure and other rules. Continue reading “SEC: Securities and ENVIRONMENT Commission?”