DOJ’s Improved Coordination = More Antitrust + FCPA Investigations

Guest Commentary

Michael Volkov, Mayer Brown LLP

Cross-posted with permission from White Collar Defense and Compliance

Some may wonder why my blog, White Collar Defense and Compliance, regularly reports on the Justice Department’s criminal antitrust record and trends. For white-collar practitioners, the FCPA and criminal antitrust prosecutions regularly lead to opportunities to represent companies and/or officers. Apart from that, there are important reasons to monitor the Justice Department’s criminal antitrust investigations and prosecutions.

First, a criminal antitrust investigation of cartel activity in a specific industry can be a precursor to an FCPA investigation in the same or closely related markets. Second, when a company in an antitrust criminal investigation seeks leniency by cooperating, you can rest assured that all of the officers and employees will be asked about knowledge of potential bribes paid by the company or competitors. Continue reading “DOJ’s Improved Coordination = More Antitrust + FCPA Investigations”