Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Eating off of the government’s Nutrition Guidelines plate will increase food costs (Yahoo News)
  • FDA tips its hand on how it will review “bio-similars” (i.e. generic versions of biologic drugs) (Reuters)
  • Activist legal groups implore EPA to chill advancement of new gas and oil extraction technology (Bloomberg)
  • Accusations and counter-accusations fly as PR efforts around smartphone patent battle intensify (National Law Journal)
  • EPA-funded government-research body report urges EPA to inject “social policy” into regulatory decision-making (Daily Caller)
  • Judge rebuffs PETA effort to force animal rights shareholder resolution onto a drug company (Blog of Legal Times)
  • Withholding of grand jury testimony imperils federal FCPA conviction (Crime in the Suites)
  • Implications of Institute of Medicine’s “scrap the process” report on medical device approval for preemption and off-label promotion (Drug & Device Law Blog)