Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • FTC guidelines on online advertising written in the Stone Age (i.e. 11 years ago) will be updated (Blog of Legal Times)
  • Assessing the final SEC rule expanding its whistleblower program (D&O Diary)
  • An informative Q&A with frequent WLF publication contributor attorney Homer Moyer on the FCPA (FCPA Professor)
  • We want to believe: Federal agencies claim an effort is afoot to reduce burden of regulations (Shopfloor)
  • Don’t know the players without a scorecard: Judges in legal challenges to “ObamaCare” insurance mandate now set (WSJ Law Blog)
  • Reason not to ban prescription drug ads: Congressional Budget Office says it would not lower drug prices (even better reason: a ban would be unconstitutional) (Healthwatch)
  • More on Chuck E. Cheese’s being sued for unlawful promotion of gambling (Abnormal Use)
  • Opportunism defined: Can the term “Seal Team Six” be trademarked?  By Disney? (IP Watchdog)
  • California in typical fashion rushes ahead of federal rules for online privacy (Tech Liberation Front)

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