Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

Legal Pulse note: This is our final post for 2010.  Washington Legal Foundation would like to thank everyone who has visited and perused The Legal Pulse in its first seven months of existence, as well as the Guest Commentators who we were privileged to have featured during that time.  We hope you keep coming back for more educational and informational posts on how law and regulation affects our free enterprise system in 2011.

  • The New York Times’ ludicrous characterization of the 510(k) medical device approval process as a “loophole” is retorted (NY Times)
  • Not a joke, but an actual lawsuit: Two guy walk into a bar and shoot each other and then one sues the bar owner for not searching both men for guns (
  • Year-end top ten list: most important class action court rulings (Class Action Countermeasures)
  • Some judges (thankfully) have had enough of prosecutorial indiscretions in white collar cases (Crime in the Suites)
  • Seventh Circuit delivers deeply flawed medical device preemption ruling just in time for the holiday break (Drug & Device Law)
  • EPA’s largely overlooked holiday gift: greenhouse gas regulation by settlement agreement(s) (Volokh Conspiracy)
  • Year’s end brings several new blockbuster Foreign Corrupt Practices Act settlements (FCPA Professor) (SEC Actions)
  • Prof. Ribstein opines on First Amendment claim in challenge to SEC’s proxy access rule (Truth on the Market)
  • Amended complaint by patent troll Interval Licensing vs. Google, Facebook, eBay, etc. no more specific than the previously dismissed complaint (Groklaw)
  • Apple and app developers face privacy class action suit (Ars Technica)

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