Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll And Beyond

  • New York state depoliticizes issue of judicial pay, as urged by former State Supreme Court Judge Robert Julian in a 2008 WLF Legal Backgrounder (NY Law Journal)
  • Study confirms the real victims of shareholder class action fraud suits: shareholders themselves (’s Full Disclosure)
  • Under federal antitrust laws, a done deal may not be a done deal, as merger enforcers for the 10th time challenge a consummated combination (BLT)
  • FTC, burned by courts and ignored by legislators in agency’s efforts to stop “reverse payment” drug patent suit settlements, contemplates changing the rules itself (FDA Law Blog)
  • Judge Posner of 7th Circuit cites YouTube video, a poll of judges’ wives, and some actual case law, in denying rehearing on class action ruling (Class Action Countermeasures)
  • Would consumers benefit from a federal online “privacy watchdog”, as being contemplated by federal officials? (Crime in the Suites)
  • Post-9/11 federal law Authorization for Use of Military Force increasingly ties hands of U.S. anti-terror efforts (Lawfare)
  • This is not a lawyer or doctor joke: New York’s highest court takes up appeal of suit by golfing doctor struck by ball launched by his playing partner (also a doctor) (Overlawyered)
  • Lengthy but instructive analysis on European Union edging closer to filing monopolization case against Google (Truth on the Market)

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