Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Last week, we noted an American Constitution Society analysis of Twombly and Iqbal.  One of our friends in the legal blogosphere (correctly) found it unpersuasive (Drug & Device Law)
  • Updating federal law to reflect tech realities: government help, or intrusion, into “cloud computing”? (TechNewsWorld)
  • FTC to come to print journalism’s rescue? (Tech Daily Dose)
  • Due process in class actions the winner in Justice Scalia’s action to stay the “remedy” in a tobacco suit in Louisiana (Consumer Class Actions & Mass Torts)
  • House of Representatives’ unanimously-adopted bill to debar from government contracts anyone “found to be in violation” of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is entirely impotent, says one expert (FCPA Professor)
  • High Court to further consider status of corporation as “person” under federal law, this time FOIA (First One @ One First)
  • Appellate advocate Miguel Estrada matches wits with 7th Circuit’s Posner in Black v. U.S. case on remand from SCOTUS (Am Law Daily)
  • Thoughts on recently declassified federal court ruling on Gitmo detainee’s habeas corpus petition (Lawfare)
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers never sleep: attorney ad trolling for financial fraud whistleblowers shown before Wall Street 2 movie (NY Post via Overlawyered)
  • High Court asked to weigh in on standard for invalidating patents in infringement litigation (Patently-O)
  • Applying SCOTUS’s Morrison case, 2nd Circuit finds RICO doesn’t apply extraterritorially (Volokh Conspiracy)

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