Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • Activist law professor masquerading as a senior UN official seeks to tie America’s hands on use of drones against terrorists (New York Times)
  • The “world’s most influential medical journal” is taken to task for shoddy “study” on drug and device whistleblowers (Drug and Device Law Blog)
  • DOJ white collar crime officials continue their scare American businesses speaking tour (FCPA Professor Blog)
  • Congress quickens the pace of the methodical march toward federalization of corporate governance (Professor Bainbridge) (Truth on the Market)
  • “When Law is the Perp”: Guest post by NACDL President (White Collar Crime Prof Blog)
  • Your tax dollars at work: GAO says some new courthouses excessively palatial (WSJ Law Blog)
  • Reasonable people don’t think the berries in Capitan Crunch Crunch Berries are actual fruit, says federal judge in dismissing fraud suit (Lowering the Bar)
  • Debarment from federal contracts in store for those who “violate” Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? (Main Justice)
  • After plaintiffs refuse to provide medical testimony proving illness, state judge tosses 1,400 asbestos claims (Legal Newsline)
  • How sloppy drafting of legislation imperils both due process and punishment of actual criminals (Times Union)

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