Finger on the Pulse: From Our Blogroll and Beyond

  • This doesn’t happen nearly often enough: judge sanctions securities fraud plaintiffs’ lawyer for “spurious” allegations (
  •  The “copyleft” is apparently unhappy with WLF’s brief in Viacom v. YouTube (Techdirt
  • Is Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement more successful at enriching those who prosecute and defend such actions than it is at reducing bribery? (Forbes
  • Federal regulations are back in fashion – who knew? (NYT
  • Landmark ruling issued on induced copyright infringement (Campaigns & Copyrights
  • TwIqbal? – drug/devices cases where Twombly and Iqbal rulings applied to dismiss suits (Drug & Device Law Blog
  • Only in America: Doctor ignores warning label, injects self with Botox, wins $15 million in “failure to warn” suit (The Oklahoman
  • OSHA’s enforcement initiatives, including the general duty of an ergonomically sound workplace (Buchanan Ingersoll)